Healthy Shoes in Birmingham, AL

At Complete Feet, we don’t just sell you shoes.  We measure every aspect of your foot and can even use our foot scanning technology to help determine where the pressure is distributed in your feet.  By doing this we’re able to equip you with the proper shoes and accessories to make sure that every step you take is as comfortable as possible!  It’s pretty awesome. For more information on the shoes we carry click here.

The Orthotics 

We want to know about you. That’s why we developed a four-step process that begins and ends with an evaluation of you. In between, we fabricate, fit and modify orthotics for your feet right here on site, so you get the best solution for you and your feet.

Our 4-Step Process


When you come in for an appointment, one of our certified pedorthists will conduct a thorough evaluation of your feet. We’ll examine your gait, ask you questions to learn your daily habits, and measure your feet in every way they can be measured. We’ll even inspect your current shoes to determine wear patterns. Lastly, we’ll create 3D molds of your feet so we can create the perfect orthotics for you.


After we have 3D molds of your feet, we’ll create your orthotics. Using the molds and the information we gathered from your evaluation, we’ll know the size, shape and firmness your orthotics should be. Because we have a wide variety of orthotic materials on site, we can design yours so specific to you it will be as unique as your fingerprint.


When your orthotics are complete, you’ll come back into the clinic to see how they fit. If there are any adjustments that need to be made, we can make them on site in a matter of minutes, so you’ll be ready to walk out with your orthotics without waiting any longer.


A follow-up visit is included with your service. We’ll schedule something a few weeks out to be sure your orthotics are giving you the highest comfort level possible.