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Comfort Shoes in Birmingham, AL

It can be difficult and oftentimes frustrating to search for a comfortable pair of shoes that offers the support your feet may need. Whether you stand all day at work or enjoy physical activity, having a comfortable pair of shoes is a practical need that shouldn’t be considered a luxury. As professional shoe fitters, we sell an array of trusted brands from Naot to New Balance.

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Walk in Wolky Shoes

The Wolky name actually doesn’t have anything to do with walking. It’s true! Wolky’s namesake is actually the Dutch word for cloud, which is wolk. As soon as you set foot in a pair of Wolkys, you’ll know why feet love these shoes—they’re just like walking on a cloud. Established in 1982, Wolky is a Dutch, family-run company that creates heels, clogs, boots, slides, moccasins, and more. Wolky is worn all over the world with sales from more than 2,000 international retailers.

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Taos Footwear for Fashion-Forward Women

Taos Footwear was born from a simple idea: to give women stylish and comfortable footwear. Celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2015, this commitment to style, comfort, and quality remains their guiding principle. The DNA of Taos Footwear is easy to see, but difficult to duplicate: adjustable uppers, anatomical footbeds, and artisan finished leathers. Taos Footwear is designed in Southern California and produced in the finest factories around the world while maintaining a disciplined approach to development, production, and wholesale. Buying a pair of these shoes is far more than just a purchase; it’s validation of Taos Footwear’s promise to provide style and comfort.

Mephisto, the World’s Finest Footwear

In 1965, Martin Michaeli founded Mephisto with one goal in mind: “To make the world’s finest footwear.” Today, Mr. Michaeli still owns and operates Mephisto from the world headquarters and original factory in Sarrebourg, France. His shoes are now sold in over 60 countries, with the U.S. headquarters located in Franklin, TN. Mephisto represents a world-class product with loyal customers and a brand driven by one man’s unshakable belief that excellence can and will be achieved every day, with every pair.

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New Balance Shoes For Athletes

New Balance shoes assist athletes in their pursuit of excellence, whether that means helping professional athletes set records and win medals, or propelling everyday athletes to achieve a new personal record, run their first 5K, or live a more healthy and active lifestyle. The products are the perfect combination of function and fashion, providing both performance technology and style.

Complete Feet has all these brands and more. Come in today and try on a pair. You just may find your new favorite shoes.