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What We Do

What We Do

A Smile on Your Face
& a Spring in Your Step

You can tell a lot about a person’s feet by looking at their face.
If your feet are in pain, you just can’t hide it.
Our mission is to make every step you take as comfortable as possible!

Conditions We Treat

The technology of
tracking the pressure on
your feet helps our
professional shoe
fitters find the best-fitting
and best-looking shoe for you!

What We Do

At Complete Feet, we are
professional shoe fitters.
We take the time to
measure every aspect of your foot.

Our orthotics are created by our on-site, expert pedortists
and are made to fit your exact foot print.
There is no better comfort than something made specifically for you!

What We Do

Custom-Made Orthotics In Birmingham, AL

Our feet endure considerable weight and stress on a daily basis. As a result, three in four Americans experience significant foot pain at some point. At Complete Feet, we provide high-quality footwear that is specially designed to treat common foot and ankle injuries, conditions, and disorders. Our full-service pedorthic clinic creates custom-fit orthotics (better known as insoles) for those in the Birmingham, AL area.

What We Do

Our four-step process is designed to create the best possible solution for you and your feet. It begins with a thorough evaluation of your feet and your current footwear, which we examine for signs of wear. We do this to determine how you walk and which parts of your feet absorb the most impact. Finally, we will take a 3D mold of your feet from which we will create a unique pair of orthotics.

The next three steps of our process are fabrication, fitting, and follow-up. Using the molds we made of your feet and taking into account your specific needs, we fabricate orthotics that are the ideal size, shape, and firmness. To ensure that everything is perfect, you must return to the clinic to try them on during the fitting stage. If there are any adjustments that must be made, we will make them in a matter of minutes so that you can walk out with your new orthotics. The fourth and final stage of process is the follow-up. Because we want to make certain that everything is exactly right, we will invite you back to Complete Feet a few weeks after your fitting. If there are any comfort issues or concerns, we will address them in this visit.

Who We Are

Our helpful, hardworking staff is lead by two certified pedorthists. Trained to manage patient care for orthotic needs, Michael Duvdevani and Jeremy Montgomery are proud members of the Complete Feet team.

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Stop suffering in silence! Complete Feet is your source for custom-made orthotics designed to improve and/or prevent painful conditions of the ankle and foot. Questions? Please contact us at (205) 383-4369 today.


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